The Most Common Causes Of Windscreen Damage

Yes, you can repair a crack or chip in a windscreen, but it does depend on the size and placement of the gap in the windshield. Some cracks or windscreen chips cannot be repaired and should not improve due to driving safety, legal driving requirements and your budget. It is important to remember that the crack or chip means you have a broken windscreen. Even though it is a surface defect, the glass cannot be repaired to its original state, the repair can be strengthened and filled with an acrylic resin, but it is not a magic trick.

Windscreen glass chips and glass cracks can happen at any time. They can be so frustrating, as they may seem small in size and aren’t a major mechanical problem and can be delayed to fix later. But at all times of the year, especially in Summertime, there are many risks to not repairing a cracked windscreen as soon as possible.

Every day you are driving your family in your vehicle, relying on the windscreen to provide a safe view of the road and protecting you from rain, heat, wind, hailstones and many more risks such as snow, depending on where you are living. The windscreen needs to provide clear visibility while you drive on every road.

Some windscreen cracks are minor or stone chip size and may appear small enough to ignore for the time being but driving with a cracked windscreen can lead to further cracking, risk of vehicle defects by the Police and unforeseen dangers such as potential distraction leading to a motor vehicle accident.

Danger and Safety Issues With Windscreen Cracks

A cracked windscreen comes with many unseen dangers, some of which can be illegal or life-threatening. It is highly advised to fix your windscreen immediately so that you can reduce the chances of a giant crack or legal problem down the road.

A crack or windscreen chip compromises the structural integrity of your windscreen.

If your windscreen is cracked, the risk of your vehicle not being structurally safe whilst you drive it is increased, and your windscreen’s role in providing safety to your vehicles’ overall structural safety is greatly diminished. The windscreen has a role in protecting the passengers and supporting the roof of your car. A cracked windscreen will not do its complete job in the event of a vehicle accident. Suppose you’re in a motor vehicle accident. In that case, you may be more likely to suffer injuries from the broken glass with a compromised, cracked or chipped windscreen. The airbag deployment can also be a significant risk to your safety and passenger as your windscreen is a backdrop that assists in directing the fast inflating airbag towards you in an accident.

The windscreen can also be considered compromised structurally. It might not perform correctly to protect the passengers within the vehicle if there was a rollover accident. During a rollover accident, the vehicle’s roof may potentially give way and collapse if the windscreen isn’t strong enough in one solid uncracked piece, not being able to hold up to the weight as it was built and intended to do.

Visual and road visibility impairment

When you are driving your vehicle on a day to day basis, your windscreen is the most critical visibility factor. It is solely responsible for keeping your front view of the road clear and unhindered. A windscreen with a small crack or small chip could in a brief moment hide something or someone, who then appears in the blind spot that gap has created, leading to a potentially dangerous or high-risk situation. Glass cracks can and usually will spread over time, so minor damage or chip that could have been repaired early can become a much more costly expense, to the extent of possibly needing a new windshield earlier than necessary if it had been repaired early on.


While it may seem like a financially “cheap” option or a good idea to attempt an at-home or DIY repair yourself, there are a lot of reasons why you should call a local qualified Autoglass Technician to quote and assess your vehicle for a windscreen repair safely. An experienced and qualified Automotive Glazier or Autoglass Repair service such as All Model Windscreens who have been repairing and replacing vehicle windscreens for more than 50 years, can quickly and efficiently repair your windshield or can replace your windshield if necessary.

Suppose you attempt a DIY windscreen repair with non-trade tools and no training or experience. In that case, you can risk further breaking or damaging your vehicle glass, betting on personal injury, or voiding a new vehicle warranty and your insurance cover.

What does a windscreen repair do to the glass?

A quality windscreen chip repair will prevent crack and help it to prevent it from spreading further, and assist in aesthetically hiding the actual damage without removing the original windscreen glass. This allows the vehicle to maintain its original vehicle manufacturer glass (e.g. Toyota, Hyundai, BMW etc.) that it has initially been factory built with for a more extended period. It is essential to act quickly before the crack or chip spreads, becoming too large to repair. If the damage gets too large or extends too far across the windscreen or too close to the edge of the windshield will mean that a complete auto glass replacement will be your only option.

Your motor vehicle insurance sometimes covers windscreen repair. Still, if your insurance does not cover it and you must pay out of pocket, repairs are more inexpensive and done quickly on-site at your home, work or vehicle location by an auto glass repair specialist.

What do I do if I see a windscreen crack?

If you are driving, at home or even washing your vehicle and notice a small crack in your windscreen, don’t wait to get it repaired and risk the whole windscreen. A small break can turn into a much larger and costlier problem in the future. Contact a local qualified and experienced windscreen repair business such as All Model Windscreens and get a quote to save yourself time and money in the future.

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