Quality Windscreen Repair Service

All Model Windscreens have been repairing Sydney’s windscreens since 1971 and are the windshield repair experts you have been looking for. Our independent and local family owned business offers mobile windshield repair services Sydney wide, in Sydney South and the Illawarra region 7 days a week. From Sydney CBD to Shellharbour in the Illawarra region, we can provide you a quick free quote with the lowest windshield repair cost along with the highest quality products, customer service and lifetime warranty. We want to save you money and build a long term relationship with you as our valued customer.

All Model Windscreens: Expert Windscreen Repair Service Provider

With our background in the smash repair trade and 50 years experience in the automotive glass business, we can provide you with the best windscreen repair cost in Sydney, Sydney South and the Wollongong Illawarra regions. All Model Windscreens are a member of the Australian Glass Association with access and provision to national advice and input as industry stakeholders since 1971.

We want to save you money and build a long term relationship with you as our valued customer.

We repair ALL types of windscreens and windshields for ALL kinds of cars, trucks, vans and buses. All Model Windscreens can quote and conduct a crack or chip windshield repair on any kind of commercial vehicle windscreen such as work vans, trucks and utilities. Call us today and compare the cost of a Truck windshield repair or the specific commercial windscreen you are seeking a replacement for. You may be able to save money by repairing your windshield and temporarily delay the investment of a commercial truck windshield replacement by getting a windshield repair cost through All Model Windscreens.

Importance of Replacing or Repairing Damaged Windscreen

All Model Windscreens do not encourage you to ever drive with a damaged or smashed windshield, however it is important to know that it can be dangerous for the driver and the passengers in an emergency situation. It is critical that you ensure your windscreen is replaced when it is damaged beyond repair. The windshield is a key structural and safety component of your car. The windshield is more than a viewing platform or a piece of glass, it is made by the vehicle manufacturer as part of the overall structural integrity providing a strong support of your car’s roof, adding rigidity and balance in case your car rolls over during an accident. 

The front windscreen or windshield is made of two clear sheets of specific glass with a clear plastic layer contained between the two sheets of glass. The two layers are fused together (glass lamination), which adds strength to the two glass layers. When you see a broken or smashed windscreen, the dual laminating layers is what keeps the glass pieces contained safely together and stops harmful glass pieces spraying into the driver and passengers. In order to maintain a safe structure and legal registration of your vehicle, the windscreen should not have any damage obstructing the view. Any windshield chips or windscreen cracks in the driver’s line of sight or cracks in the driver’s view can distort or block the view of the road. This cracking or chipping obstructing a clear and safe view of the road, is considered to be a vehicle defect and the Police may issue you a vehicle infringement notice fine for not repairing or replacing your car’s broken, chipped or smashed windshield.

We care about your safety and we know that you care about your family’s safety. When you need a windscreen replacement service or a quote for a windscreen replacement cost , please call us and speak to Justin about your windscreen replacement quote because we care about your family, and will ensure the cost and quality meets your family’s budget and busy schedule. 

We Strive to Offer Best Quality Services Possible

Our business is always looking for the most current windshield repair and autoglass repair technology to provide the best value windscreen chip repair service in the Sydney, South Sydney and Illawarra regions. We can provide you advice and quotations for all types of chips, cracks and damage to all kinds of car models and makes of car windscreens, including specialised luxury vehicle and modern windscreens, even those that have camera systems such ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) , Brake and Lane assist technology.

All Model Windscreen windshield repair service provides a safer and high quality process

01 On-Site Inspection

Before any work is commenced on your windscreen chip or windscreen crack, our automotive glass technician will do a visual inspection of the vehicle’s glass to check its suitable and meets the required criteria for a windshield repair to be undertaken.

02 Determine Repair / Repalcement

The windscreen crack or windscreen chip should ideally fit under a 5 cent coin in terms of size and no closer than 10 centimetres from the perimeter of the windshield glass edge.

03 Repair Preparation

The technician will carefully clean the area and prepare the windscreen chip or windscreen crack for a specialised drill process. A specific glass drill with a faceted drill piece will open up the chip enough for the chip to be cleaned and any dirt or debris removed.

04 Prism Technology

The area of the windshield crack or windshield chip is then covered with a prism tool which is cutting edge in repair technology to achieve the most effective placement and suction for the air removal from inside of the glass chip.

05 Resin Application

The chip is then filled with a special glass like resin to set inside and cure with a special Ultraviolet curing light.

06 Final Quality Check

Strength and aesthetic cosmetic improvement is achieved through this process and will delay the requirement to undertake an entire windshield replacement.

Cost-Effective Chip Repair Service

All Model Windscreens offer a 20% discount to any return customers who have had a windshield repair completed with us. Your next replacement windscreen service will be considered a repeat customer visit and the windscreen replacement cost will be deducted by 20% by referring to your previous service on the same vehicle, by providing your previous motor vehicle details.

We can help you save money and investment of the higher windshield replacement cost by choosing to get a windshield repair and delay the full windscreen replacement. We can discount the cost of the new windscreen by 20% when you choose to replace your windscreen in the future, by letting us know you are a valued previous chip repair customer of ours. We have been around for 50 years and we will honour our repair and replacement work. All Model Windscreens want to build long term relationships with our valued customers for all kinds of autoglass repair and windscreen replacement services. Call Justin today to get the best price windshield repair and let us keep you and your family safe on the road.


How much is it to repair a cracked windshield?

Depending on the size and the position of your windshield crack, a windshield repair will start from $88 however it is often advisable to replace a cracked windshield as they form an integral structural safety component of your vehicle whilst on the road.

Can cracked windshields be repaired?

All Model Windscreens require the chip or crack to be small enough to fit under a 5 cent coin and be at least 10 centimetres from the outer edge perimeter of your windshield. Any windshield crack or windshield chip repairs that do not fit this criteria cannot be guaranteed as the structural integrity of the laminated glass requires a specific surface area to achieve the best results both in terms of strength and cosmetic aesthetics.

How do windshield repairs work?

All Model Windscreens have been fixing windshield chip and windshield crack repairs Sydney wide since the 1980s and the technology has greatly improved over this time. All Model Windscreens use an advanced PRISM autoglass repair technology and premium products. We pride ourselves on trying to achieve the best outcome on our windshield repairs not only aesthetically but for the strength and safety of your vehicle. You can read about our windshield repair service process here.

Can you repair your own windshield?

Yes there are cheap aftermarket repair systems available to purchase from the internet however these low priced repair kits are often not made to Australian manufacturing standards and can be dangerous to use on your vehicle both for yourself and the vehicle. Attempting to repair your own windshield chip or windshield crack in your vehicle’s windshield can be both a safety risk and also void your motor vehicle insurance if detected by a motor vehicle insurance assessor. Unapproved windshield chip repair kits often require you to drill your vehicle’s glass and require specialised autoglass or windshield glass tools which are not supplied as part of the kit. The quality of the products including the adhesives are substandard and can end up becoming a much more costly repair if you further damage or break your windshield.