Summer Windscreen Damage

The burning summer heat, long and humid sun filled days, and the hot car seats with scalding steering wheels! – peak summertime in Australia can be a real challenge when you are spending lots of time in your car. As much as we personally find the summer heat challenging, so does our vehicles, especially their windscreens. During summer and even on hot spring/autumn days, your car windshield can take quite a beating from the UV glare and heat of the Australian sun. The summer sun and the extreme changes of heat can make the windshield more prone to cracking or breaking, especially if it is already damaged or has a windscreen chip. As the windscreen being intact is a legal requirement and an important safety component of your car, it is essential to keep it safe from the harsh effects of summer and seek advice from experienced auto glass repairers near you.

How Can Temperature Affect the Windscreen?

While the hot temperature itself cannot cause the windscreen to crack on its own, sudden temperature fluctuations can put extra stress on the windscreen and make it more susceptible to chipping or cracking. Temperature swings from one extreme to another can endanger the integrity of windshield glass and cause impairment.

This becomes even more problematic if your car’s windshield is already damaged with a windscreen chip or windscreen crack. Temperature changes during the day in Summer and Winter can then worsen the problem and cause the cracks and splits to spread as glass tends to expand when it is hot and contract when cold.

Visual and road visibility impairment

When you are driving your vehicle on a day to day basis, your windscreen is the most critical visibility factor. It is solely responsible for keeping your front view of the road clear and unhindered. A windscreen with a small crack or small chip could in a brief moment hide something or someone, who then appears in the blind spot that gap has created, leading to a potentially dangerous or high-risk situation. Glass cracks can and usually will spread over time, so minor damage or chip that could have been repaired early can become a much more costly expense, to the extent of possibly needing a new windshield earlier than necessary if it had been repaired early on.

How can I Prevent Windscreen Damage during Summer

Avoid Sudden Drastic Temperature Changes

Drastic temperature changes can cause havoc on your windscreen, so if you can avoid them it will help to protect your windscreen and other autoglass. Even if it is sweltering hot out in the sun, use caution when turning on your car’s air-conditioner – it is better to turn it on with a gradual cooling process in the car, not turning the air flow directly on your windscreen as soon as you enter the car since the sudden temperature change can cause stress cracks on your windshield glass. The heat of the outside and the coolness on the inside can also cause existing chips and cracks to spread and worsen requiring a full windscreen replacement.

This is why you should take some time to allow your car’s interiors to cool down under the shade during summer. Then, turn on the AC at low first instead of going full-blast to give the windscreen the chance to adjust to the temperature change. You can also roll down the windows first, to allow some of the hot air to escape before switching on the AC. By doing this, when you turn on the AC, you can prevent extreme temperature differentials, and, consequently, your car’s windscreen from potential damage.

Be Cautious when Washing the Windscreen

During the summer, avoid washing the windscreen under direct sunlight or when the windscreen is still hot from the sun. The extreme heat contrast of the cold water on the heated windscreen will create a sudden drastic temperature difference and cause the glass to crack, especially if the windscreen already has chips or small cracks. It is always better to wash your vehicle in the evening or early morning when the temperature drops and your car’s windscreen or autoglass is not exposed to harsh sunlight.

Park in the Shade

When you leave your car parked in the sun for extended periods, the intense heat can be quite hard on your windscreen, especially if the glass is already damaged with a windscreen chip. Therefore, it is best to park your car in a garage or basement or some covered parking to prevent your vehicle from direct sun exposure. This will put less stress and heat fatigue on your windscreen. By parking your car in the shade, your vehicle will also be cooler. You’ll also use your AC less when you enter the car!

Get a Car Windscreen Shade

One of the best ways to ensure that your windscreen is protected from the sun is to purchase a car windscreen shade. The car windscreen shade is an excellent way to prevent the windscreen from heating up due to direct exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays. Another quality of car windshield shade is that they are portable. You can easily place them over the windscreen whenever you want and no matter the time of day you can access shade internally for your car glass.

Be Proactive with Windscreen Repairs and Replacement

The intense heat during summers, when combined with pressure changes and road vibrations, can cause even the most tiny windscreen cracks to expand, making windshield replacement a requirement. Prevent car windscreen damage from worsening during the summer by checking regularly for tiny chips or cracks. If you find your windshield damaged, no matter how small or insignificant, get your windscreen repairs or replacement done by professionals immediately. When you choose to get your windscreen repairs done at the right time you can save you the high cost of full windscreen replacement.

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