The Most Common Causes Of Windscreen Damage

We’ve all been there — heading down an unsealed road, or driving in the city, and hitting a pothole, perhaps even off on a road trip, and suddenly you see it — a crack in the windscreen. Even a small windshield chip can quickly crack and worsen under pressure or when driving on bumpy roads, so it’s important to deal with the problem as quickly as possible, even if it looks small and isn’t impairing your vision of the car yet. Motorways and trucks are often a quick recipe for a windscreen chip or windscreen crack that will require a fast local repair or windscreen replacement service near you.

In this article, we’ll run through some common types of damage, the best and safest way to fix a car glass crack, and when it’s time to call in the professionals.

Common types of car glass cracks

Depending on what hit your window screen, at what angle, and how hard the impact was, there are a few ways the glass might be cracked. The most common types of cracks include:

  • Bullseye crack
  • Minor chips 
  • Half-moon crack
  • Star break crack 
  • Long crack
  • Non-impact crack
  • Combination cracks

Can I fix a small crack in a windshield myself? 

All Model Windscreens do not recommend trying to fix a windscreen chip or crack yourself. This can be dangerous to the vehicle owner and can potentially break your windscreen as part of the DIY process. There’s no shame in turning to the professionals, throwing your hands up and saying, “Help! ​​Where do I fix a windshield crack near me?!”. A professional repair will ensure the damage stops in its tracks and actually saves you money down the line. If you do attempt to complete a repair yourself, which later leads to the whole windscreen needing replacement, your bill will be considerably higher. In case you have a crack that has a lot of radial lines coming out from the point of impact, one that is a combination of crack types, or if it’s a chip that you can see and it impairs your driving vision – then you need to find a professional car glass repair service near you. 

Where can I find car glass repair near me?

If you’ve gone from ‘How hard can it be?’ to ‘Fix a windshield crack near me!’, All Model Windscreens is here to help. With 51 years of experience as an established local family business operating in both Wollongong and the Southern Sydney area, we’re your go to for expert advice or affordable service. At All Model Windscreens, we’ll be able to fix your car glass crack and help you get back on the road, fast. Get in touch with us today, and give yourself peace of mind with a permanent car glass crack fix. 

Windscreen replacement or windscreen repair?

A common question asked about “should I replace or fix my windscreen” relates to the overall cost of replacement and longevity of the repair that is offered. A chip repair is a short term solution to a small break in your windscreen glass that, in time, will need to be replaced. You can delay the cost of replacing a windscreen by getting a local Wollongong and Southern Sydney based repairer such All Model Windscreens to fix the windscreen chip, and later when the windscreen needs a full windshield replacement, the cost of the replacement can be discounted for our repeat customers. This windscreen replacement discount can only be provided to existing customers who have previously had a chip repaired and later need a new windscreen replacement. This is a great way to save money on a car windscreen repair and windscreen replacement. 

The team at All Model Windscreens can also offer you free advice, an inspection and a quote with no obligation. We offer mobile service, to save you time and money getting your windscreen replaced by our professionals. Operating in car glass and auto glass replacement since 1971, All Model Windscreens can give you the best price for windscreen repairs, car door glass and windscreen replacements. Get in touch with us today!

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